One Year Better: America’s Best High Schools

It’s that time again…America’s Best High Schools time. The list this year is really phenomenal. It’s expanded to 2,000 schools. Nearly 50% more schools applied to be on the list. The methodology was tweaked every-so-slightly, strengthening the metric by which we measure schools. And it includes an interactive, which has been a goal since I first helped to put the list together in 2011.

Just like last year, the process was rewarding and challenging. This was the first time I was the only person to put the list together, which was certainly the biggest hurdle. 

Ultimately, the list is about the schools. At the risk of sounding trite, many of the teachers and administrators of the nation’s top schools work incredibly hard with very few resources and little pay off. There isn’t a blueprint for making students learn or care about learning. 

At it’s core, the list is meant to spotlight great schools. I think it’s getting there.

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    It’s weird to think about going to an IB school. It’s also weird thinking about going to a magnet school, but I’ve...
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    ^^Helena said it best
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    woo #1062!! suck it reading and melrose
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    Aw my old school still makes the list at a fairly respectable 688. I remember when we first made the list and they hung...
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    Bud’s high school is in the top 40. Mine doesn’t even rank. Things that make you go hmm.
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    My school is #196. We sound like an office store. Staples High School. And we had the stupidest mascot…The Wreckers…...
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    674, holla
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    wooo my high school is 855th!
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    Welcome to the #32 high school, where there is an annual tradition of dressing up in lingerie & driving drunk, and where...
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    4 CPS schools are on the list, none of them are especially surprising. However, I was surprised by Deerfield HS and...
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    So my high school is #299 on this list. The only reason I am posting about it (because who REALLY cares about this...
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